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Sofia Moreno Instructor: Elena Cisneros INRW 36 25 February 2015 Unpleasant Declaration Sofia Moreno The most hateful words I have ever said to another human being were to my mother. I was sixteen at the time. They rose from storm in my chest and I let them fall in a fury of hailstones: “I hate you. I wish you were dead…” I stopped and thought about the monstrous things that had just been said. I knew her heart must be broken into a million pieces. She just remained motionless on her feet. The silence took over the house; it felt like everything was passing in slow motion, so I had to just walk out. My mother followed me and said “Maybe you shouldn’t come back home!” And then slammed the door like…show more content…
When dinner was ready I tried to sit and talk to her but she stood up with her plate and gone she went to her room. I could not believe this atrocity was happening to me. Eventually, we had to go together to family reunions but this didn’t stop her from not talking to me. Sometimes my mother would not wait for me to come out of school and she would leave me home alone to go eat lunch with her sisters. This looked like revenge to me against what I had said before when I was sixteen. My mother wouldn’t listen to what I had to say not even if the topic was forgiveness. I was about to graduate from high school and it seemed like she wasn’t interested, not to mention she didn’t attend the ceremony. Furthermore, I was in my thirty’s teaching English literature at Boston, Massachusetts. My life was busy, but I would always think of my mother. Until one day, I received a phone call “It was her”. “What should I do?” I was so paranoid, my blood was boiling all through my body, “what could she possibly want?” I had moved out from her house since graduation. I sat still like a dog waiting for his owner to pet him. With just one click I heard her voice “Daughter, I miss you and I forgive you please come home I am dying”. I hung up the phone and started to cry a river the Kleenex box was empty by the end of the

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