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Priscilla Dwight TR 3:05pm-4:20pm Dr. Marilyn Ross Research Paper: Suicide Note By Janice Mirikitani A Cry for Forgiveness At times someone might have done something wrong to hurt you and you find other ways to solve the case without thinking first. But, deep down inside you want to tell that person how sorry you are but you have no way to express how you feel. Janice Mirikitani “Suicide Note” explained the life of a college student who expressed her pain to her parents in a letter of an apology. She had jumped to her death from her dormitory window and cried for forgiveness towards her mother and father in sorrow. A young girl reaching out to her parents, who could never appreciate her being their daughter and physically, emotionally, and mentally it caused her to commit suicide. The author begins a brief description of the college student killing herself and her body was not discovered until two days later under a deep cover of snow. Her suicide note contained an apology to her parents for having less than a four point grade average. In the poem “Suicide Note” The speaker said “Dear mother and father/I apologize/for disappointing you/I’ve worked very hard/ not good enough/harder perhaps to please you” (lines 4-9). Due to the fact that her grades were not good enough to please them, it hurt her and it affected her mentally. She tried telling her parents she was sorry for not being the smart girl they wanted her to be. Her grades were not too far away from a perfect four point grade average but unfortunately, in her parents eyes, not that far away was not perfect. Being that it was not a perfect four point grade average, it did not make her parents happy and it put her in an awkward situation. It was too much for her to handle. Her life began to fold and she couldn’t get out of it. Now she reached her depressing

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