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Izzy Dix’s Suicide Izzy Dix, a 14-year old girl, was found hung by her mum on September 17th 2013, after suffering months of being bullied by those she considered her friends. The bullying happened all around her; at school, online even away from either. was one of the main sites where Izzy was cyber-bullied, and has, as a result, pledged a request that the site is banned – to this date the petition has received over 8,000 signatures. Her mum, Gabbi, rang her school in Brixham at least 15 times. The last time she contacted the school was the day before her daughter took her own life. Gabbi Dix has still not returned to her home where she found her only daughter dead. She blames the school for not even attempting to ‘clamp down’ on the tormenting school bullies. Gabbi also contacted the governors of her daughters’ school asking for the policies on bullying that they have in place – she received no reply. She blames the girls who had tormented her daughter to her death. Some of the bullies that drove Izzy to her death attended her funeral where they hugged her mum, including the ringleader. At her funeral Izzy Dix’s poem, I Give Up was read out. I Give Up was written when Izzy came home from a music festival crying after her friends had excluded her and called her names. Her poem…show more content…
Now those bullies know that what they did is wrong but it took her death for them to come to their senses and realize this. We all know that the suicide of Izzy isn’t the first however her mum stated that she wants her daughter to be the last. School children do not realize the pain that can be caused by bullies until it happens to them. The fact that Gabbi told the school countless times – too many times – is shameful of the school, who at the time did not want to make a statement which to us, the reader, reflects their

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