The Worst Thing America Has Ever Done

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Worst Thing America Ever Did: The Salem Witch Trials The worst thing to happen in American history was The Salem witch trials. Early in 1692, the witch hunt started in Salem, Massachusetts. During this time there were many stresses in the Massachusetts Bay Colony among Salem Villages, who had a strong belief in the devil. A town not too far from Salem had, had a recent smallpox outbreak, and created fear and suspicion for the Salem Villages. Nine-year old Elizabeth Parris and eleven years old Abigail Williams started having fits, strange behaviors and would scream with anger. A doctor looked at the girls and decided that the only explanation was spells caused by witchcraft. Despite the fact today we know it wasn’t logically true, but the town had a strong belief of the devil. Hysteria and chaos took over the town, soon enough when girls all over town decided to take part in it, and began accusing the townspeople without a reason. This is one reason why this is the worst thing that happened to America. Although millions of lives were lost in all the wars our country were in, there was reason why people died. People that died shouldn’t be blamed but the fact that their country decided to come into war is still in the air. The people of Salem had no business whatsoever and were blamed for having a doll in their home or because they simply had a wart. The people of the town were pressured, accused, and tested simple tests but the girls would scream with such pain whenever the accused spoke. The victims, the girls, and the judges all were consumed in the anarchy and lost all sanity. Were people convicted of not only being witches in Salem but across the country suspicion arose and people convicted women of being witches for the simplest causes. Two girls took a joke way too far and caused disorder across the country. Not all "witches" were from Salem, MA. Many were

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