The Salem Witch Trial Hysteria Of 1692

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Yarely Covarrubias Pd. 3 What Caused the Salem Witch Trial Hysteria of 1692? The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 are a turning point in history, and is an event that continues to mystify our nation, as well as others. Between the months of june and September of 1692, 19 women and men were accused of witchcraft and hanged because of it. Local magistrates took the initiative when young girls claimed that women in the village were inflicting pain on them, which resulted in all the hangings and overall hype of the Salem Witch Trials. What truly caused the Salem Witch Hysteria of 1692? Although this is a question people assume has a simple answer, it is a topic that really, could result in several different complex…show more content…
However, beneath that veneer of perfection, there was surely some tension going on between the villagers. In document I, it shows that almost all the people that were accused of being witches lived on the east side of Salem, whereas all the people that accused them in the first place lived to the west of the village. The defenders were also seen to be living nearer to the accused ones. This shows that chances are, the accusers had something significant against the other people. Perhaps they were too wealthy and wanted to feel more authoritative and powerful? Perhaps it was more literal, and had to do with the land that different villagers had and didn’t have. In Document E, the theory of differences in marital status also comes up. The chart shows that majority of the accused were married, whereas the majority of the accusers were single, and that majority of them were also women. Perhaps the women felt envy for the other women, knowing that they were married and had a man in their lives, while the accusers were alone and had no one? This seems to be something that historians should definitely look into, since jealousy can very well be more credible than other things they look…show more content…
Whether it has to do with religion, social, or cultural status, there will be historians to either promote a new theory, or defend a more known one. So, what did cause the Salem Witch Trial hysteria of 1692? There were many factors, really. It had to do with religion, social, and cultural status, but also had other themes and factors involved. It is something that broods in many peoples’ minds, and will surely continue to do

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