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Haley Houston October 3, 2013 Honors English 11, Per. 3A Analysis Essay The Evil of Jealousy and Lust Much of the evil in today’s world is driven by jealousy and lust. Affairs occur often, students betray each other in order to get something they desire, and many young girls like Elizabeth Smart have been kidnapped and raped because of that unreasonable lust. In The Crucible, Arthur Miller describes a young group of girls as they wrongly accuse many of witchcraft in the small town of Salem, Massachusetts. One of the girls, Abigail Williams, is the cause of all wrong accusations and innocent deaths in Salem, thus making her the antagonist of the play. First, Abigail conducts in a brief affair with John proctor; then, she seeks vengeance…show more content…
These are innocent people who are being hung because they won’t confess to witchcraft, something they really didn’t do. As these innocent people are being pushed off, the look in Abigail’s face is very disturbing. It is almost a look of satisfaction. One can really see how evil Abigail is becoming; it also becomes very obvious at this point that Abigail is the antagonist of the play. She knows that these people are being hung on her part, yet the look on her face shows no remorse or guilt but rather satisfaction. Through the character of Abigail Williams, The Crucible has shown how the evils of jealousy and lust can ruin lives. Abigail becomes the antagonist of the play through her affair with John Proctor, the vengeance she wishes upon John’s wife, and the look of satisfaction on her face as nineteen innocent people have been killed, just like the lack of guilt of the man responsible for the kidnapping and raping of Elizabeth Smart. This story shows us the evils of jealousy and lust. Although they may not be as extreme as the hangings of nineteen people, these evils are still very apparent in today’s

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