Power Of Women In The Crucible

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Sean McDermott Mrs. Scuilli English 11 14 October 2011 The Power of Women in The Crucible In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, he shows what had happen in the colonial Massachusetts what was happening again during his time and the time of the Red scare. During the play Miller uses the role of women and their struggle to gain and fall from power affects everyone around them. In The Crucible, the female character, were very powerless, but when the events of the witch trials allow them to come into power on the theocracy, and their power has very negative effects on everyone in Salem. Abigail Williams, the most important witness of the Salem witch trials, gains power through abusing the emotions of the other girls in the town. Miller…show more content…
Her powerless status at the beginning of the play can be best described with her conversation with her uncle Parris “She may be. And yet it has troubled me that you are now seven months out of their house, and in all this time no other families has ever called for your service.”(Miller 12). The significances of the quote is that it shows that even her Uncle doesn’t believe that she is anything more than a petty worker with no power, and from this point she takes the words and uses them to drive herself to power. From this point on in the story Abigail is on a hunger for power and will do anything for if it means abusing the good in people. After that seen the happenings of the witch trial hit Salem and it’s people hard, and Abigail sees this as a way of getting her power and begins to accuse some of the good people in Salem like Elizabeth Proctor and…show more content…
Rebecca is considered to be the matriarch of the town, and is very well respected. She has everything anyone could want during this time period healthy children, lots of good land, and many grand kids. That is very unlike the rest of the town like Goody Putnam, who has very little healthy children and grandchildren (Miller). The Putnam s are also very powerful in Salem but just doesn’t have the fortunate of having many healthy kids and grand kids which affects their relationship with Rebecca. So when the proceedings of the witch trials come to town the Putnam s take that as a way to take Rebecca down. They accuse her of killing their babies be conjuring up her spirit and killing them before they come out of the womb. Unfortunately for Rebecca she fall victim to the mass hysteria in Salem, and is thrown I jail because of it. So being the good Christian she is when Judge Danforth asks her to confess she does not. Rebecca Nurse one of the kind and innocent people in the Crucible fall from power do to the happening of the Salem Witch

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