Mccarthyism In The Crucible

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In our life many conflicts we experience can reveal the best behaviour from an individual. These sudden events in time lead people to believe that there is some good in the world that people care about others, even though sometimes it is hard to show it. Through tragedy and suffering we find out what it really means to be human and the compassion so many people have for people in need. When our humanity is threatened, individual may either choose to ignore or embrace the issue. Whether they are Australian, Indian, American or Chinese, there is always more compassion than hatred and always someone to help. The world is full of unexpected qualities in individuals that live in it and would only be revealed when the occasion calls for it and that…show more content…
Conflict certainly exposes the true qualities of a person that might have been kept deep inside never to be revealed, however due to the pressure of a bad situation the ‘real’ person is displayed. McCarthyism has been shown in the play “The Crucible”, which was practiced by Abigail. McCarthyism is paranoia and finding scapegoats and blaming innocent people for things they did not do. Many lives were ruined because of this. In the Crucible, Abigail is tormented by the fact that she had been caught out having an affair with John Proctor. This creates conflict between John’s wife Elizabeth and Abigail. Abigail is devastated that she cannot be with John and lashes out in fury and creates chaos in the heart of the town with her false accusations within Salem. Abigail’s uncontrollable acts rise which result in the hanging of many people, ultimately destroying the love of her life. She was blinded by her own problems in life that she couldn’t see her ways, although to John, Abigail was transparent. Abigail had revealed her true self, her genuine nature of the person that she is and John was able to see the extent of her hideous personality, one that was never to be exposed unless an event like this occurred. This just shows the invasion of conflict into our hearts and minds is of its greatest

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