English 160 Literacy Narrative: Pre-School Before Pre School

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Fitzalbert Lawson English 160 literacy narrative September 16, 2012 Pre-School Before Pre-School My parents have always been extremely involved in my education even before I started going to school. From the moment I could start saying words my parents started to teach me how to read and write. My parents were not raised in America they were raised in another country called Guyana in South America. Guyana is a third world country and my parents grew up with very little. They wanted to come to America to raise a family and they knew the importance of a good education. They revealed the importance of a good education to me at a very young age. As I have previously stated i started learning how to read as soon as I started talking. When I asked my mom what age I was at the time I said my first word she said it was about nine months. And even before that my mother would read to me every night before I go to sleep. She would have this big book filled with Mother Goose nursery rhymes and would read that along with some other books. When I started to talk my parents taught me the alphabet which seemed pretty easy. It wasn’t long before I could say the entire alphabet on my own. The next thing my parents taught me was to put the letters and sounds together to…show more content…
I was able to write the words and letters down with minor errors the problem was writing well enough for you to understand what I wrote. In Guyana my parents had a class called dictation; it was basically writing down what the teacher wrote on the board. This was to improve your handwriting, and because of their teachings they made me go through they’re dictation and I would just write a page out of their book and if it didn’t look good enough they would make me do it all over again. And when I would do my homework in school and my handwriting wasn’t neat they would make me redo

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