A Better Life For My Family Jimmy Santiago Baca Analysis

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A Better Life For My Family Jimmy Santiago Baca was born In New Mexico. Grandma raised him at first and then later was sent to an orphanage. He was in and out of an orphanage up until the age of thirteen when he ran away. He worked for a hospital in a small town as a janitorial. Before the age of eighteen, he was arrested on suspicion of murder and got sent to jail. He was treated like an animal in jail but he never gave up. He got abused and was confined to deadlock maximum security in a subterranean dungeon. He would not eat for weeks and became more and more sluggish. But besides what he went through, he learned how to read and write. He is now a great poet and writer. Life is really hard, especially for kids that are raised on the streets or orphanages. Some kids do well but others don’t have that luck. On this story the author…show more content…
As I entered high school I started thinking differently and behaving bad. I didn’t want to be in school so I ditched school most of the time. After several months of ditching I decided to drop out of school and work. That was the biggest mistake I had ever made. I worked for a fast food industry full time. At first I love it because I was getting money for myself. After a year I started realizing that this job was not going to get me anywhere. Unfortunately, before doing anything to change my life I got pregnant. I was sixteen when I got pregnant. I moved in with my boyfriend and later got married. I didn’t worked through my pregnancy but after the nine months, my husband couldn’t pay the bill any longer so I had to go back to work. I applied in different restaurants and I finally herd back from a Native American Restaurant. I wasn’t happy with my life, but that is the life I chose. I was making minimum wage and my checks were really small. My husband and I were burly making the payments on time. I worked for a couple years when I decided to change my life and give my baby a better

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