Sarah Moore's Arguments Against Abortion

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Sarah Moore, 18, discovered that she was eight weeks pregnant. She wanted to blame her partner but then again it was her that was being so gullible. She wanted to have an abortion, which her partner agreed he’d help pay for, but it was a hard decision. She began to have second thoughts because she had taken sexual education classes in school and learned that the safest way not to get pregnant was absentness. There was no way she could have a baby; however she was a college student and had no time. What sense would it make to bring a baby to the world that Sarah couldn’t mother and provide for? Abortion procedures are constantly done for various reasons. In most cases, they’re done because of mistakes and situations like that of Sarah. There…show more content…
These people are referred to as “pro-life advocates”. They believe in the life of the baby over the woman’s right to choose. There are groups such as Human Life International (HLI), The Christian Coalition, and many others support the right of the human life. Their main argument is that one is murdering an unsuspected life. They have several other reasons why they do not support abortions. They look at abortion as a way of trying to “play God” and feel that it is a dangerous procedure. They see if there are other options such as adoption. Many pro-life advocates feel like ‘you choose to have sex, and now you must face the consequences of your actions.’ They look at abortions from a biblical standpoint. The aspect of “playing God” has surfaced in recent years. When a mother decides to terminate her pregnancy they see it as a decision that God normally would. Pro-life advocates have many different aspects that can be interpreted in even more…show more content…
Partial-birth abortions, abortions in the third trimester, and the recent “day-after” or RU-486 pill now add a new aspect to the issue. Partial-birth abortions and abortions in the third trimester are exceedingly controversial. In these procedures it doesn’t involve the expulsion of an embryo, but it involves the actual termination of a fetus from a womb. It has been outlawed in the United States a result of numerous outraged pro-life advocates and some pro-choice who found it to be utterly inhumane. The RU-486 is said to be no more controversial than any other aspect of an abortion. This pill sends messages to the brain telling the woman she is already pregnant, the ovum is expelled, because the body believes it is already impregnated. These procedures raise the same issues as

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