Why I Want To Be A Drum Major Essay

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It seems like it was just yesterday when I decided on what I wanted to do or to be in my life.Time has gone by but I still have the same idea and that is being a music teacher. When I was younger everything around me, including the people, influenced me to want to teach music . As a teenager I started working every summer at a music camp in New Orleans. My job was to teach children ages six to thirteen how to read music and also how to play the instruments. My first year here was difficult but by my second year I became someone my peers and younger kids than me looked up to. In my freshman year in high school I was given the opportunity to become a drum major of Joseph Clark Senior High. When this decision came through I was honestly scared because this was a position that was given…show more content…
She had surgery and her recovery took awhile. I helped her with her daily needs and even how to walk again. A new found passion for physical therapy sparked inside of me. My drive of going back to school that had been postponed by many life obstacles began again. I started searching for my records from my previous high school so I could apply to college. After many calls to the New Orleans School District I was told that my records of graduation weren't available at the time but they were still searching. This took months leading to years and still nothing was found. This is when I resorted to plan B. I began taking GED subject tests at Green River Community College to speed up my process of attending college. I finally got my GED this summer and I have been applying to colleges ever since.I got back to practicing on my trumpet and also brushing up on my reading and math skills.I want to play in a band again and be able to teach music and also incorporate physical therapy into all this. Central Washington University would be a good place to begin this journey and I am hoping that you will give me this

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