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Billy Whitehead Argumentative Essay ENC 1101 4/28/11 Student-Athletes and “Special Privileges” In a school of over forty-two thousand students, how do you manage to serve everyone fairly? It seems as if all it takes is having the title of “student-athlete” to get the respect you deserve in a college environment. Being a student athlete means having your tuition paid in full while still receiving money from financial aid. Is all this really fair, though? I mean sure they work hard for what they do, but at the end of the day we are all students. Athletes not only get their tuition paid for, they also receive free books, special tutoring classes, and housing at no cost. Student athletes should not have the privilege to receive all these advantages because not only is it not fair to the regular students in the university, but also because a few games and a couple of practices does not make them all-stars. A survey was given to ten students at Florida International University, viewing their opinion on the issue. The survey conducted, argued both sides of the topic. In the survey, students were asked a variety of questions based on their opinion dealing with how they felt about the privileges student athletes received. In this poll, there were questions such as: Do you feel that athletes receive special privileges? Are you a student athlete? Do you think that athletes deserve the advantages they receive from the university? And so on. These questions were asked to students that ranged from athletes themselves to regular students, When athletes were asked about their opinion the answers, at no surprise, were greatly similar. Garrius Adams, point guard for the University of Miami, claimed that “being a student athlete takes hard work and dedication, which is something many don’t understand.” He went on saying that early practices, long

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