Online School vs Campus

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Online College vs. College Campus Elizabeth Jay Getting an online degree can be much more convenient for a student with a busy schedule, but for some degrees or as a personal preference, some students may prefer a college on campus. To make sure a student has decided on the most efficient way for furthering education, there are many different aspects to consider. For a student who is looking to get an excellent education in a difficult degree and make friends, attending college on campus may be a better choice for that student. For a student trying to get a degree to further their education to get a better job, or single parents, or even individuals will full time jobs trying to get an additional degree on top of their current degree then attending an online school may be a more acceptable option for them. Generally speaking when attending an online school over a campus college, the participation grades are based differently. In online schools your participation grade is based on meeting the posting requirements and posting on the required discussion questions. Most of the time grades for schools online are based on points. A student’s professor will post a rubric in your materials for the student to follow to meet all the points. A large concern to some students may have when considering attending college online is the fact that it may be harder to get personal help and learn the material through your professor. Without having any physical interaction with your professor, some hands on learners may struggle more than the students who learn well from reading the material on their own. The professor in online schools can still be very helpful; the students just have to take the initiative to ask for help when they need it. When attending a college on campus, some universities require their students to attend all classes, while others leave it as an option. It is
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