How to Act Like a College Student

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Calvo 1 Christian Calvo Acting like a Successful College Student How should every student act in order to be successful? Being successful is accomplishing an aim or purpose in life. In this case it would be to accomplish a degree, in order to be successful in college there are a couple tips to be followed and can guarantee successful college students. These tips are time management, good study skills, and setting reachable goals. Having done all that, there will be no obstacle that can keep students from being successful in college. Time Management is something that is very important to have because if we do not know how to manage time college will be a lot harder than it is and it can cause failure. If people do not manage time, old habits will control the time and will set limits on peoples achievements. So in order for that not to happen get a calendar and write down everything and organize all of the things that have to be done like sleep, activities, school work, studies, etc. Try different calendaring systems and see which one is best. Always plan ahead on assignments and studies because then we will end up procrastinating and the results will not be good. Have some time for yourself to relax and go out with friends because college can be very exhausting and having some time for our mind to relax will be important. Once good time management skills are perfected college will not be so hard to complete. Calvo 2 Having good study skills is also very important to be a successful college student. During my first college semester, I did not have good study skills and procrastinated a lot because I left everything for the last minute and did not put much effort on my studies and assignments so my grades were not as good as they should have been. In order for that not to happen students will need good study skills

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