Cash for Good Grades

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Mohanad R. Mohsen WG4a Alisha 8/14/ 2013 E1D1 Cash for good grades Motivation is the power that pushing us to do things we have to do, things that we know very well they required to achieve our goals. And only students who stay motivated about their study make success. But the secret here is find the good reasons behind this motivation, and the paying for the students for good grades seem like sending the wrong messages to make them doing well for the wrong reasons and this causes future negative effects. Responsibility doesn’t always come with rewards like people don’t get money for keep their houses clean or for eating healthy meals. If we paid for students when they get good grads may be this habit will stick with them for life. They always will try, if they got the choice of course, to pick the easiest course in which the high grades is granted instead of picking the courses they really like or they really need with their majority. Instead of seeing the value behind doing the hard work to finish their study and going to the college to graduate and helping people they will be worry about what they will get for doing anything good .They always will worry about what they get and how much cash they will get if they did anything good. The young students of today are the future doctors and engineers or even business leaders of tomorrow and they already learned that it is always about money. They won’t help people who need them if these people don’t have money. This money will effects on education budget while this money should be spent on things that can help the student achievements like teachers training and modern labs facilities. Teacher training about modern teaching techniques is very important. Many researches which made on young students shows that
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