Donations For Grades: Right Or Wrong

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Donations for Grades – Right or Wrong? In some schools teachers offer bonus points to students who participate in certain events or charity drives. The major question asked in a case like that is, is the exchange donation or participation for grades o.k.? The bad thing about teachers giving extra points for students who participate in such things is that it gives some students a reason to slack off. They know they can fail a test or not turn something in because they have points from bringing in a donation. By offering extra points teachers can send the wrong message to kids though. Kids might get the idea that it’s okay to not focus on your school work as hard as you should and put more focus on those extra-curricular activities that put on the charity drives. It’s a good place to put their attention but school comes first before any extra activities. The good thing about teacher offering extra points for participation in charity drives is that those will get more student participation than normal. Most students will ignore or just forget to donate if there’s nothing in it for them. It also raises awareness of charities or world/national/community problems in general. Most students if it doesn’t affect their life then it’snot important. By teachers giving points then students also get an opportunity to help them raise their grade. For those people on the edge of a higher grade it gives them a way to boost it and do something helpful for the community. I believe it’s a good thing that teachers give bonus points. I’ve been on originations that have done a charity drive where there’s not much participation. It’s disappointing when that happens, also you feel bad for the charity you’re trying to give to. You feel like you let them down, even though their just glad you’re trying to help

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