What Personal Responsibility Means to Me.

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What Personal responsibility means to me. Thesis: Personal responsibility is the first step in getting to know yourself and begin your breakthrough in life. Definition: Personal responsibility to me is when you stop blaming other people or things, and take a look at yourself, and see what exactly you need to do to move forward, and be original with yourself. And know when you’re not right and, take full responsibility for you actions. And instead of blaming everybody else or everything else. Personal responsibility requires one to finally accept the truth that you are responsible for your own actions. Most of the time when mistakes are made, the initial reaction is to point a finger or find an excuse rather than accept involvement. Personal responsibility is the key to College success because at times, most students find themselves falling short of what lies in between these two. Some examples are turning homework assignments in at the last minute, running late for class, and cramming for a test. As noted by Sullivan (2011), “Personal change also requires the right timing. Just because you do not understand another perspective or have not developed a particular skill, practice, or ability does not mean you never will (,p.27).” When an individual takes personal responsibility for their actions, it can help clarify which life goals are most important, and the means to achieve college success by understanding that our values support how we go about. Making decisions. Taking Responsibility for Your Own Actions To me, taking responsibility for your own action is similar to the phrase “you got to crawl before you can walk”. Owning up to your mistakes and action , and that you are in charge of your destiny isn’t an easy task because at this point, you just started to crawl. A lot of times we find ourselves falling back into that mind frame of doing

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