Get Rid of the Academic Procrastination

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Get Rid of the Academic Procrastination College students always have academic tasks like assignments or homework to do. In order to complete those academic tasks, they need to arrange their time properly all the time, deciding whether they should spend their time on studying or not. Some students who are good at time management prefer to split up time evenly to studying and rest. But some other students who do not manage their time well choose to procrastinate their academic activities. In other words, those students tend to do their assignments or homework as late as possible before they meet the deadlines of those tasks. The behaviour is named "academic procrastination". Academic procrastination can be described as "unnecessarily delaying academic activities, that one ultimately intends to complete, to the point of creating emotional discomfort"(Solomon & Rothblum 505). Academic procrastination is quite popular in today's colleges, which has already become a wide-spread phenomenon. In Denız, M. Engin's article "An Investigation of Academic Procrastination, Locus of Control, and Emotional Intelligence", he points out that "Procrastination is the universal weakness of people and a problem of arranging oneself in this way. It is stated in the literature that 70% of university students have procrastinating behaviour, 50% of those procrastinates their academic responsibilities at least in a half of their times and 38% of those rarely procrastinates"(626) Academic procrastination seems to be a "common fashion" in schools. Three obvious disadvantages illustrate that academic procrastination is totally a very wrong habit. Firstly, academic procrastination is able to lead us to vicious circles of study. Since college students always have to face multiple tasks at the same time, time distribution seems to be extremely important to them. Once a student

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