Patrick O 'Malley's More Testing, More Learning'

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Summary/ Response Assignment O`Malley, Patrick. “More Learning, More Testing” In “More Testing, More Learning,” Patrick O`Malley suggests that college professors should give tests to the students periodically in order for the students to learn more. Furthermore, more tests or exams will minimize the student’s stress because students will be more familiar with the subjects that are given to them. Like the author says, “If professors gave an additional brief exams at frequent intervals, student would learn more, study more regularly, worry less, and perform better on midterms, finals, and other papers and projects.” (O`Malley, pg. 488). O`malley explains that students should be given test frequently to allow the teachers to give their students feed back in where their grades stand in the class and to discipline them into studying on a daily basis. The article also mentions that some professors are usually against more testing because it would be time consuming for them to prepare the exams then grade them. However, this issue can be solved by having teaching assistants or by grading multiple-choice exams by scantron machines. In conclusion, O’Malley strongly suggests that professors should give students…show more content…
I believe that many students need motivations and reasons to do frequent studying, reading, and exercising; therefore frequent in-class exams will give them good reasons and motivations to start reviewing a chapter. Frequent tests will be more efficient in classes that require a lot of readings and memorizing, such as history, politic, geography, etc, because if a student procrastinate his reading until a night before the test, he will be overwhelmed. Another advantage from frequent exams is that students can use their returned exams that have been given feedbacks and the right answers for their study guides to prepare for their midterm or

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