Becoming A Neonatal Nurse Essay

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1. Following high school, I desire to pursue a college path to become a neonatal nurse. Helping with sick and premature babies, I would help with the beginning stages of life and contribute to a strong start to a family. I like change and with no two days the same it would never get boring. I do well in an unpredictable environment where I am able to stay busy, manage my time, and prioritize tasks, and the field for neonatal nursing would be a strong fit for me.

2. My favorite subjects in school thus far have been Biology, History, Spanish, and Art. The main reasons why Biology was enjoyable for me is because I had a great teacher who related the content to parts of life. In history while I don’t feel I am strong at memorizing, I do connect ideas well together. In continuing my study of Spanish I believe it will help me to communicate with more people, since nearly half of our country speaks Spanish. The ability to create new and different things is the reason why I have enjoyed art.

3. I enjoy athletics specifically participating in soccer and cheerleading, but I enjoy watching basketball and football as well. I also enjoyed my work with Buddy Ball soccer, where I worked with mentally handicapped children ages five and up
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Currently, my high school is very structured, which is unlike most workplaces; therefore, given the chance to make one major change, I would reduce the structure. Making each class have projects would place more responsibility on students to complete the work on time and to seek the help they need. For example, an English project might help students to write and answer interview questions. Science class could create and experiment unit or research symposium where students identify a science-related problem, conduct an experiment track their results, and share their

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