Why College Education Is Important to Me?

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Nowadays, a college education is not just a qualification a person should elect to partake; it is an essential part for the overall success of the individual in general. Certain individuals find it challenging to define the worth of a college instruction. Attaining a college graduation offers a greater remuneration, more prospects and self-fulfilment. Although I concur with the aforementioned explanations, I have supplementary reasons I agree that a college education is of high importance to me. First, college education will permit me to afford a better living standards for my family and household. We have survived without what several people consider to be basic. Buying a house, annual holidays, frequent camping expeditions, all-terrain cars and speedboats are all only a fantasy to my family. By attaining a college degree, I can secure my dream profession and begin to make those fantasies an actuality. Second, it will offer motivation to my kids. Not only will the degree provide me with a better position to take part in my children’s classrooms assignments at school, I will similarly be helpful in the life choices they will want to pursue being a role model for them. Attempting to get a college education after marriage with children may also be challenging and may require me to put off those decisions to raise a family. However, currently with the enormously fast progress in technology, attaining an education will be made considerably easy. Patty Murray noted "A good education means learning to read, write and most importantly learn how to learn so that you can be whatever you want to be when you grow up”(Vavrus, 2002). Securing a college degree will assist in eliminating several obstacles and providing me with the opportunities to improve and provide myself with a more prosperous life that I can consider satisfying and fulfilling. In the contemporary

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