Race And Your Community Essay

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Race and Your Community Home is where the heart is. So do you think your home is in the right community? Many people immigrate to communities in the United States and now call them home. Let me tell you about my community. In my community, there are many people who share the same color and accent as I do. I live on the East side of my town which is predominantly 90% Latino. I am a Latina, so I fit right in with my dark skin color, dark hair and culture background. There are a large amount of Latinos in my community which are undocumented. This is different from my status as I am a United States citizen. There are some Latino leaders in my community who have fought battles for rights to the Latino people. However, some use their ethnicity as a way to gain popularity from Latino voters.…show more content…
We are in poor economic cycle right now. I am sure that a cash reward would encourage more witnessed to come forward. Our community has hired more police officers to patrol the streets. However, the community needs to fight back and cooperate and come forward with any tips or evidence to help arrest the suspects and clean up our community. I enjoyed this course because it helped me to identify several races. I think that this type of course needs to be taught the younger generation in grammar ages. The students are taught how to read and write, calculate mathematical equations and learn about our history. However, not much is taught in the form of teaching them about equality and to destroy prejudicial indifferences. This type of course, should also continue in junior high as well as high school. Many children learn about the different races at home which are not always positive. To learn about all the plights of the races that have migrated to America, is amazing. Many of the same challenges are faced by differences. It is great to learn more about your neighbors or classmates lives and

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