AJS 501 Week 1: Challenges Facing Graduate Students

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Weeks - 1 - Week 3 Individual paper Jennifer Weeks AJS/501 May 27, 2013 Monica T. Moses Weeks - 2 – Challenges Facing Graduate Students As students advance with their lives past their bachelor’s degree some students may seek to pursue a graduate degree. As students prepare for a graduate level course there are many challenges that those students will face. Some students will step up to the plate and defeat those challenges as others will face off. There are some strategies that graduate students can take to help keep them on course to completing their graduate degree. There are many challenges that students will face as they enter graduate level education, and one of those challenges will be staying motive and remembering why students purse a graduate degree. For some students, “graduate students suffer from insecurity, anxiety, and even boredom” (How To Succeed In Graduate School: A Guide For Students And Advisors , 1994). From experience, one way to help stay motivate would be to create a calendar with all of the class…show more content…
For many graduate students they already have full times jobs and families which can make pursing a difficult task figuring out how to manage home time and school work. Its important to remember which “Grad school requires taking a long term perspective on time. Use a yearly, monthly, and weekly calendar ("Time Management Tips For Graduate Students", 2013). Created a calendar not only helps to keep you motivated it also helps with time management. Its important to be able to set aside the time needed to complete the assignments. Creating a calendar will allow you to schedule your assignments around family time and other events the student may have going on in their life. Another effective way is to have a dedicated time and days you set aside to complete

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