Gs1140 Project Submission Plan

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Carmen Sandella GS1140 Mr. Kennedy Project Submission Plan There are a few challenges that I face while I am trying to meet my educational goals. Time, family and work are all problems that I must deal with. I understand that i am not the only one has to deal with these issues, but they are issues none the less. Time is probably the greatest problem that I have. I have to be able to make sure that I set aside enough time to do my schoolwork. Having a wife and children and also having a full time job with a lot of overtime, and which I drive to and from an hour every day can make it difficult to get my work done proficiently. Making sure that my wife does not get overloaded with the children is also a concern. I do not want the fact that I am attending school and work affect the duties that I have as a father and as a husband. I also want to make sure that they understand that I have to spend the time needed to get my work done as effectively as possible. Being able to get my job done at work is very important to me. I do not want to slack off at work because of being so overloaded. My work also coordinates to the field of studies that I am taking so I want to make sure that the ideas and knowledge that I attain from school I use at work.

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