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Running head: DUAL CREDIT PROGRAM INTERVIEWS 2 College of Lake County Dual Credit Program Interviews Charlene Davis North Park University Abstract This will be a discussion of the interviews I conducted for the College of Lake County’s Dual Credit Program and issues associated with the program. It will discuss my interview with the program coordinator, students and two program instructors, along with possible solutions for some issues associated with the program. All of the interviews conducted were done at the College of Lake County with permission from all of the interviewees who were very cooperative and willing to share information about the program and the part…show more content…
Sarah Stashkiew) was quite interesting. The interview was conducted at the College of Lake County in her office which is located in building “C” on the second floor of this campus. This campus is the same campus that the students from my participating high school comes to in order to participate in the dual credit program on Monday through Thursday afternoon. The Senior Program Coordinator, Ms. Sarah Stashkiew was one of the main forces behind inviting my participating secondary education organization to become a part of a program that would benefit our students by offering college credits while they still were attending high school. As I conducted the interview I discussed with Sarah some of the issues associated with running such a program along with possible solutions. Sarah informed me that one of her biggest problems for the program is finding qualified instructors that meet the college’s qualifications and retaining them. The interview continued with Sarah informing me that there are specific qualifications and credentials required by the college in order for an instructor to work for this program and therefore she has had problems finding instructors. Other issues and problems we discussed associated with the dual credit program included things such…show more content…
I interview all of the students on site at CLC prior to their class time when possible and they spoke candidly about their instructors and how they felt that some of the work was too hard, while others felt they were not going to be able to meet the challenge expected of them for their education. Some students felt there is too much information being given to them at one time and not enough time for them to digest information between the college and the high school. There were students during these interviews who felt that their problems begins with time management as they try to process, gather, research, and prepare for projects and class experiences. Some students told me that they feel the college instructors expect too much from them over multiple subjects. Because some students feel they are not properly prepared or skilled in study habits for college work, they expressed that they are failing certain courses either at the high school level or with the dual credit program. There were about four students who are having an issue with tardiness, absences, incomplete or late assignments for reasons they all had excuses for and they are blaming this as a cause for their bad

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