Intermediate-Term Goals

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Bryan Cabrera Professor McConnor English 101 3 March 2014 As life begins to unfold, goals are things that you desire or dream of achieving. They may change over time due to events that occur throughout life. It is easier to discuss what I will be doing than to actually take action. Due to this, I have been procrastinating my desire to overcome anxiety and developing an identity through my academics. Pursuing a degree seems like a simple task up until the pressure and stress gets inside your mind. I will not lose hope therefore will take affirmative action in order to accomplish these intermediate-term goals. In order to become a success at these challenges, I must create a blueprint that will surely work. By listing strategies and…show more content…
That way I will able to discover the identity that has been overshadow by the cloud of anxiety. Besides being scared about the transition to college, the fact I am left independent makes me more nervous than ever. Instead of teachers providing you with the necessary tools and resources, it is up to me to find them. It feels more like a never ending scavenger hunt than an easy walk through. Ways to overcome this would be to have an organizer/planner so I can purchase and get the needed materials for the classes I am taking this semester. If I am having difficulties I should get assistance from the professor or ask students in the classroom for help. College may seem like the hardest obstacle I have come across but with hard work and commitment I will be able to achieve success in any field I dream…show more content…
The one place where you are independent and working towards a degree to qualify for better employment. But I always wonder if my academic struggles can come back to haunt me. During my senior year in high school, I was not able to take a math class because I already had enough math credits to graduate. So throughout the year, my math skills were becoming more vague than crystal clear. On the CUNY Math Assessment Test, my results came and they were horrible. First semester of college and I am begin taking remedial math. At that moment I felt that I was not going to make it through if I did not even know basic algebra. The more I review and study in that course, the more I will enhance my math skills. Even though I might have a tough time in math, I will surely succeed. I can visit the professor during office hours with any questions and or concerns I have about certain areas. As well as, look at tutorial videos on MathXL or on YouTube. The more I get adapt to the subject, the more I will get comfortable to complete future problems. This transition from high school to college has become a blessing and a burden. Anxiety and stress will be a difficult task to manage. Solutions that will surely help accomplish these goals will be to study, socialize, and a well-developed plan. As Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. I do not expect to be perfect, but drawing out my strength and motivation from previous learning experiences will help

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