Obtaining Success in Life

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Dawnita Isder Prof. L. Gertsma ENGL 1101 25 October 2013 Obtaining Success in Life Success can be defined in many ways, ranging from prosperity in daily life to just simply being happy. In today’s society, people struggle to overcome obstacles to obtain success. Having success in life depends on having a good education, positive attitude, the willingness to work hard, and knowing someone in the field of interest is helpful. A good education will contribute to one’s ability to make decisions, expand your skills, and will open doors for lustrous future careers. In the passage “In the middle, people grant that money has something to do with it, but think education and the kind of work you do almost equally important” (pg. 506) from “A Touchy Subject,” the author touches base with the middle class. They value education in the same respect as what occupation is chosen. Education will build confidence to accept success or failure, make good decisions, and to face what life brings you. When planning a strategy and setting goals to reach success, make college a necessity. After completing high school, I chose to enter the workforce directly. Today, as a dislocated worker, I see the importance of the education that passed me by. It will be a challenge, but one that will determine my future choices, purposes and decisions. A good education will provide the skills and knowledge needed to attain the lifestyle I yearn for. In addition to having a good education, a positive attitude also contributes to professional success. With this attitude, worry and negative thinking are not avoidable, but they are lessened dramatically. By developing and strengthening a positive attitude, one is noticeably happier and more successful. Looking at the bright side of things, it affects the way the world and the people around you appear. They too will adapt to the contagious
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