Competencies and Personal Profile

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It always a benefit to know your competencies and personal profile cause it helps strengthen your skills that you already have and it help your build for the future in know what you have to do to move forward and be better at what you do. As for me meeting people and helping other is something that I love to do. Being an Administrative Assistant, I meet different ethnicity of people that need assistants with application or information on how to go about getting forms completed. I felt my education goal should be in the area where I meet and help people. I have a weakening of going over and beyond in helping people and I tend to go over and beyond with clients. I am not complete if I do not provide the right help and some clients tend to get attached. At the end if the day I am happy with the service I provided. Knowing more about what I do is a great addition for me not only can I provide more information but I get to give them the proper information that they need to know and I and happy knowing the client is happy. Coming to college is going to give the education I need to make my skill stronger so I can provide a better service than I do now. With knowing my personal competencies and personal profile, when ‘I am on an interview I will be able to be more confident on what I know and what I am capable of doing in the future. I’m selling my profile for a position that I may qualify for even thought that is not the job I apply for. That is knowing your competencies and personal

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