Why I Want to Be in Avid

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Avid because it would help me in preparing for college as well as helping me with skills I can use throughout my middle school and high school years. I would like to have a second chance to get it right because I don’t think I realized how much I needed this opportunity and how beneficial it is for me. I didn’t do everything exactly right when it came to school and the Avid program but I know that I can. The reason I like avid is because I enjoyed a lot of the activities like getting to play philosophical chairs. Another reason why I want to be in Avid is because you get to go on trips that are beneficial to life and future endevors. Avid can help you with organization which I struggle with in your classes as well as home. The skills Avid teaches and the broad spectrum of resourceful information given could help me find things when I need them. I feel Avid can help me do better in my classes by using the skills taught such study habits. Avid can help you with projects from other classes and projects in avid. The benefit of avid is it teaches you to put effort into your work and everything else you do. I want to be in avid because it can help you get even better grades.I want to be in avid because I want more help on stuff that my teacher explains too fast and I can do this by utilizing tutorials. I want to be in avid because avid can help you get into college.aI want to be in avid because it can help you earn awards. Avid can help you in so many ways you just need to know how to use it. Avid is the second greatest tool that you can ever have for school. The reason I want to be in avid is because I want a greater amount of knowledge. I truly hope that I am considered for another chance in this amazing

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