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Questions for why I want to be an RA/CA 1. I would like to be an RA/CA because it would help improve my public speaking and not be so apprehensive when I need to confront my peers. Over the past year I have changed. I am more open and willing to show myself to my peers. Being an RA/CA will help improve me being much more responsible with a job. Whenever I have a job I am responsible. But I feel as though I can never be more responsible. I take any job I have seriously. I hope to be a great asset to the school. I worked for my high school basketball team and our very own football team. I was in charge of the video equipment and the others that worked for the team. Being that I have had to take the lead in directing others to help make the jobs for the coaches as…show more content…
In high school I was in the future educators association. As well as the class that was involved in the group. We went to schools in our area and helped the teachers and helped us decide if teaching was right for us. This meant that we had to make lesson plans, keep peace and order in classroom, as assist students when help was needed. This was a very pleasant and unforgettable experience for me and my fellow classmates. Monday through Thursday we were at our respectable classes and on Fridays we came back to our class and discussed how our week went. I learned that I love making children happy and it was right for me. I learned how to plan assignments that were fun and educational; this was because I worked with special needs children and the physical education class. I believe this would help me because it helped me open up and not be afraid to make sure the rules were followed, class ran smoothly, and everyone was safe. In my residential hall I got to know my peers that I live with. At peacock we have became a family. We go out and have fun together and help each other when needed. I am comfortable with lending my materials to them because I know I will receive them back like I gave it to

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