Motivational Writing Assignment

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Motivation Writing Assignment Jennette M. Bird EXP105 Personal Dimensions of Education Instructor-Rebecca Johnston-Gilbert August 6th, 2012 What motivates me to want to continue my higher education?? That is a question that I have a solid answer for. I feel that I am at a point in my life, where I can focus more on the goal at hand. I now have a family that not only depends on me for support, but also for examples on how to be a successful adult. Like Chris said in his story, “I definitely think that the learning quest that I’m on, will improve the quality of my life, and my future.” I couldn’t agree with this statement any more. I definitely feel that I have a more personal motivation than any other, but like Sara as well, I have a practical one too! I not only want to learn to obtain my degree for myself, and my own personal goals, but also to help me “cope” with the things I may face in my future. In my current state, I am working in a career that is, not only on the brink of extinction, but is not very rewarding for me. By returning to school, I’m focused on learning, in order to restructure, and better my life. I have set goals for myself in the past, and met them with ease. This time, it may prove to be more challenging, but I am definitely up for it! My motivation is more personal this time around, which I believe will help me gain a better perspective on reaching my

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