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Procrastination is damaging the careers, health, and there economics for most Americans who are not enthusiastic of what’s surrounding them. In the article “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” by Trisha Gura Gives us examples of how people procrastinate and results in having a negative punishment. Procrastination makes it worse when you are in a place where it’s an obligation of you’re part to complete what is assigned to you. Some people rather play with there finger nails, with there pen, or look at other things that would make time go faster and overlook the gadget assigned to you. Procrastination has been around as long as humankind has been existing, but the only deference is the way we are being punished. Back then people where looked at as sinners, and sloth, although; it is a negative punishment towards the results of procrastinating when it has a positive reaction as receiving a check, tax, food, and successful career. In my opinion, being a procrastinator is due to a psychological effect, due to experience as a student and an employee. Most people procrastinate because they are dealing with some type of issue or matter. (Fuschia Sirois pg35) In 2006..the university of Windsor in Ontario reported in a study of 254 adults that procrastinators had higher stress levels and more acute completed jobs in a timely manner.” This situation then affects a person’s health, creating anxiety, and stresses even more due to the facts that he or she is in a position where they have zero privacy to express themselves and from my opinion it can result in having a person becoming psychodynamic. In addition the second worse assumption of procrastinating fallout loosing your job as a result there would be no money to pay school, income, sources, and personal necessities. Friends and Family would look at you as a slacker and someone in responsible for his own, when looking for a job and
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