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Does Texting Affect Formal Writing? Michaela Cullington, student of Marywood University, wrote about weather texting affects formal writing or if it doesn’t. She explains different points throughout the journal, starting with “It's taking over our lives. We can do it almost anywhere” (Cullington 87). There are many points made that can clearly push the overall answer one way, or another, its just about balancing out the positives and negatives. Cullington explains that texting can potentially hurt formal writing, but is proven to have no positive or negative affects in the long run. There are many concerns about text speak and formal writing. Cullington talks about how teachers see a decline in writing and are having problems in class because of text speak. “A Minnesota teacher of seventh and ninth grades says that she has to spend extra time in class editing papers and must 'explicitly' remind her students that is is not acceptable to use text slang and abbreviations in writing” (Cullington 89). Also, “many complain that because texting does not stress the importance of punctuation, students are neglecting it in their formal writing” (Cullington 89). These points are valid, but the evidence is limited because it is based on a few personal experiences, rather then a large study with much more research.…show more content…
“So much of American society has become sloppy and laissez faire about the mechanics of writing” (Naomi Baron 88). Baron is making a bold statement by saying that, but she is a linguistics professor at American University and has seen a bad impact on student writing. Another statement made was “it reinforces simplistic writing that may be acceptable for conversation but is not so good for critical thinking or analysis” (Cullington 89). Both of these points are very true and definitely affect what the final outcome will be, weather it makes writing worse, or has no affect at

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