Two Peers For Exam Rhetorical Analysis

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Final exams are a time of stress for students to worry about if they can recall all the lessons that their professors have went over within that semester. Students who are scarcely passing any of their classes need their final exams to be passing grades, so they tend to study a little harder. Finals also allow students to see how all the lessons they have learned connect through small facts. Identifying and understanding thoroughly everything the professor particularly emphasizes in class can be a hard and tough experience when preparing to study for finals. In Joy Alonso’s “Two Cheers for Examination “she uses examinations to examine the purposes and useless of exams in two and four year colleges to appear to students and teachers. Learning…show more content…
This is considered pathos because it is a great amount of pressure writing a paper and can be very tedious. She wants her audience to feel a sense of liberation, and she also wants her audience to understand that she too knows how it feels to be put under pressure. Another point Alonso uses in pathos is when she supposed “Examinations can indeed deal with trivia, they can be badly conceived and thus can cause needless anxiety in the students who struggle to make sense out of poorly-written or poorly-focused questions”(198). She is saying she wants to show other people that exams are the biggest test a student can take and the struggle students have to face during exam time and or writing a paper for final exams. A final point Alonso speaks is “Most damaging of all, perhaps, is the fact that professors are human beings and therefore they will sometimes grade examinations unfairly” (198). Alonso wants her audience to sympathize with teachers. She wants everyone to know that teachers can also go through daily life events that can cause them to be unfair when it comes to grading. Joy Alonso does not use as much pathos in this article as she could to get her point across, but there is still a sense of reaching and a reader can truly feel that she cares about the

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