The Perfect Professor

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College success is compromised of a few key factors; a student's dedication to learn, the resources provided on campus, and lastly the professors ability to accurately educate. But what makes a good professor? Is it there nonchalant attitude towards student attendance, or is it there highly accredited novels that were published during their ten-year sabbatical? Possibly. An ideal student should prefer a professor who demonstrates strict guidelines and who assigns adequate homework that is relevant to class discussion, as well as being approachable. These qualities of an excellent professor should be determined by serious, driven students who find these qualities mandatory. Most students go to class and hope for little homework, and a teacher that wants the same thing they do; to get in, out, and get on with their lives. That is fine if you do not intend to learn anything, but for the people who actually put forth the effort and wish to succeed, a strict professor would be a key ingredient in achieving their goal. When going to a class, one should hope for a professor with strict guidelines and grade policies in order to retain the knowledge necessary to excel in college. The average student would praise the instructor that came to class for a short amount of time and didn't show any interest in the classroom, got done early and left. But that doesn't help the student in the least. A good professor shows they care by asking questions and getting the class involved in the lecture. They don't just please the overall thirst for an “easy A.” Strict professors are good professors when it comes down to getting the job done in the classroom. Strictness won't be the only thing keeping the students in their element. As crazy as it sounds, the student who wants to succeed should desire a teacher who assigns quite a bit of homework versus a minuscule amount that won't
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