Barriers to Student Success

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Erik Aguirre Humanities 31 Mr. Walzer Over the past several years, students have been confronting an extended amount of barriers stopping them from success in institutions of higher education. There is a wide range of obstacles that prevent student success, but the top two obstacles to success are made up by barriers of insufficient funding and insufficient advice and guidance from the colleges. Additionally, obstacles that are more insubstantial include lack of time management, family responsibilities, balancing school with work and last but not least poor work-habits. Receiving financial assistance to help pay out the costs of higher education is a main concern that many students say they seek in order to facilitate success in college. Concerns about having to pay tuition costs and covering other costs like books, supplies, transportation, and etc… become really stressing to students who are not eligible or whom received very little aid. Students in the state of California who are in UC’s, CSU’s, and in Community Colleges experience this first hand because of the in-important priorities of the politicians resulting in budget cuts. The Government has been focusing the tax-payers money more into the incarceration of adults in prison than the education of the students. These priorities set by the Government are not fair in any way for the students because the educations of potential doctors, teachers, lawyers, and etc… rely on the funds that the Government decides to waste on prisons, so they could provide inmates with an education end up not going to school since they are not able to afford it. Colleges and Universities count on the general fund for half of their budgets, without this type of money colleges suffer tremendously resulting in less financial aid in a state level, less open seating in courses needed for student’s degrees, less faculty and staff,

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