Essay On College Tuition

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COLLEGE TUITION FEES Is the future of California important? In order to build a stronger California, a more educated work force needs to be supported, and college tuition increases must stop. State funding for California state universities has already dropped 30 percent in five years (Crawford). California should decrease the cost of college tuition because less affordable education causes a decrease in college enrollment, increased prices leads to more low quality jobs, and education should be paid for by wealthier taxpayers. Less affordable education causes a significant decrease in college enrollment. On top of the tuition increases, classes continue to be eliminated due to budget cuts, forcing many students to spend more than…show more content…
Although many average people are very thankful that the wealthy taxpayers pay more, it is also evident that wealthy taxpayers tend to whine when faced with increased tax brackets. But chances are they received their education at a lot lower price than students today are facing. Chances are that they have secure jobs that allow them to be unaware of the current economy’s hardships. Chances are that they were lucky enough to accumulate their wealth during times when it was much easier to build up their wealth. They happened to be in the right place at the right time. Well, now they can afford to help the younger generation who are faced with much higher tuition and much slimmer job prospects even after finishing college. People who disagree with this may believe that the education gained from a college experience is not a right that everyone deserves, nor should it be an expectation of wealthy taxpayers (Vedder). However, the younger generation is not asking for hand outs, but just the same circumstances that existed 30 years ago when the wealthy generation was in college. Tuition should be adjusted back to what it was 30 years ago, and should be paid for by those who went to college 30 years
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