What's wrong with vocational school

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With the rapid growing in global competition and globalization, it is harder for people who do not have four year degree to find job because corporations nowadays are off shoring their productions as well as their companies outside of the country for cheaper labor, higher skilled workers, and lower overhead cost. Therefore, the demand in job goes up a lot higher in the past few years. It makes us realize the important of four year college degree. However, there is a small percentage of students who actually earn a four year degree. In the article “What’s Wrong With Vocational School” written by Charles Murray, he gives his opinion about the unnecessary of four year college’s program compares to vocational training. I find this article have some very interesting ideas which I both agree and disagree I agree with his statement in the fourth paragraph about how many students attend college because their parents are paying for it and it is what they supposed to do after their finish high school. Many students do not have any real goals or any ideas of what they are going to do for their life, but going to a four year college is an obligation because their parents have spent so much money for them through high school, and now college. Automatically, their job is to do well in school and finish with a four year degree so that they can be prepared for their future without the supporting from their parents. This is a common sense that many of us all know as an adult; yet not all young people understand this fact. They refer to do what they like or what they are dreaming to be. They don’t want to get trap in those boring campuses doing thins that they have no passion for or doing things that they don’t see themselves doing it in the nearest future. Iam is a good example for this situation. I grew up in a family where my father is a very successful business man. His dream is

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