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Impact of fashion on college students The skyrocketing of college expenses has restricted number of students receiving their degree. The high tuition fees, cost of books and the expensive meals are some of the usual expenditure during college days; however, majority of modern students increase the expenses of attaining college by being over fashion conscious and spending excessive amount on fashionable gadgets and products. Fashions have become extremely popular in colleges; however, because of being over involved on fashion, students have often weakened their performance, buried in debt and even involved in the criminal activities. Firstly, the academic performances as well as the personal accomplishments have been declined due to the prioritizing of fashions during the college days. The students mind are pre-occupied on how they would look and would like to look. They want to be noticed and appreciated by others, for which, they seek for the latest technologies and gadgets; as a result, they waste their precious time and money, which otherwise, could have potentially been used on enriching their knowledge and skills. For example, instead of buying the expensive iPhones, they could have bought the reference text books or related magazines. Likewise, instead of working extra hours to make payments on latest model car, they could have spent more hours on their studies. Studies argue that the college-students mind are so pre-occupied with the materialistic items that they would care less about their academic progress and the personal achievements. Secondly, the students are buried in debt at an early age because of being over involved on fashions. Like everybody, college students also would like to be noticed and appreciated by others. For example, they feel happy when they realize that they have the newest product before their friends and teachers are able to

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