Cliques In High School

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Famous High School Cliques When you look down an average high school hallway, you will see different groups or cliques. High school is a time where teenagers start to develop their individuality. For the most part we are afraid of being different and gravitate towards those who are similar to us. They group together by how much money they have, their interests and the clothes they wear. This is how cliques develop. The most famous cliques that I remembered at my school were the bullies, nerds, partiers, jocks and the snobby rich girls. The members of these cliques then compete to stay in and try to climb to the top of their group. In high school we are all labeled, sometimes not by choice, some we are proud of, while some we want to…show more content…
They worry about what they are going to wear the next day instead of worrying about what school work might be do. They work on looking good for the jocks and like to be noticed. These girls often pick on other students that do not have money and do not wear the latest trends and styles. They typically shop at the most trendy stores like Hollister, American Eagle, and Abercrombie. They have the tendency to be self absorbed, worrying more about their appearance than anything else. Most of them are insecure about themselves but hide behind their money and designer clothes. It is not unusual for them to lie and gossip about one another just to get to the top of their clique. After high school some grown up and realize there are more important things in life while the others still need materialistic stuff throughout their life to be happy. In high school we all get a label, sometimes its one we spend decades trying to live up to, where others spend a lifetime trying to forget those painful years. Unfortunately, every high school is dominated by different cliques. Many teenagers believe the only way to be recognized is to be in with the popular crowd. Cliques can be emotional to a person who does not fit in to one of these groups, while others are satisfied with their group status. Cliques are and will be a part of every teenager’s life, we need to look at it as a life experience and a way to build
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