College Freshmen Dropout

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Freshman Dropout Rate What’s the one thing on a high school senior mind? College! All the none stop parting, school events, and most of all the freedom. Most seniors think that they have everything figured out. Little did they know that one and every four dropout of college before even completing their sophomore year of college (Whitbourne). After reading an article of a young man by the name of Michael VanAdams, I began to agree and see how this was possible. This article was written by Jonathan Whitbourne and his main agreement is to know why college freshmen dropout before their sophomore year of college. Whitbourne’s promotes his viewpoints by taking, Michael VanAdams, an academically excelled high school senior and figure out why he dropped out. One of the reason that VanAdams dropped out was because he let a couple failing grades get under his skin. With one of Whitbourne’s viewpoints being academically unprepared, VanAdams thought academics would not be a factor for him in his freshmen year of college. VanAdams knew he was intelligent and so he thought he could just fly threw classes and ace them like in high school. The reasoning that Whitbourne gives for high school seniors being academically unprepared is that college it demands more time for studying and reading. I agree to this statement because it is very true. College does ask for more time than just a thrity minutes a night for home work. The viewpoints that Whitbourne wrote are very effective as well. Its just goes to show that high school is different from college and that you need to have more responsibility and self discipline to succeed in college. . Whitbourne’s target audience of his article is the high school seniors that will be incoming college freshmen. Whitbourne uses past college freshmen that have dropped out to inform the incoming freshmen by giving them six steps to why

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