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Credit Cards Bad Idea For College Students Essay

  • Submitted by: Codered3000
  • on April 13, 2012
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Why College Students Should Not Have Credit Cards

          In today’s society, credit cards are an imminent structure of the economy.   The

process is initiated at the entrance of college in which credit card companies notoriously

target college students.   Applications are mailed almost immediately at the ripe age of eight-teen,

and presented all over college campuses.   Under customary credit requirements, most students

would be denied credit due to no credit history or minimal or no income.   The anticipation of

shopping for what you desire and not having to pay the bill right away is used to entice many of

us.   Every day college students are being supplied with credit cards for the simple fact that they are

new teenagers about to start college.   The following will affirm the hazards of credit cards being

provided to college students.

Imagine being 30 years old and still paying a pair off a pair of jeans you bought back in

college.   I’m sure it sounds ridiculous, but this is a scenario credit card debt can create.   Learning

to use credit cards responsibly can save thousands of us from having to dig out of debt after

graduation.   It will also prevent from having a bad credit history in the future that will affect

other things we may want to do like obtaining a job or buying a house.   Remember, the loans that

we take out for college have to be paid back after graduation.   Now add on a hefty credit card bill

to that amount, and you will find yourself in an extremely difficult situation financially.   Credit cards

should be used as an alternative tool for purchases.   If food, clothing, or books

is needed, charge it.   Unfortunately, credit cards are not that evident.

Once approved for credit, there is a limit of course, based upon yearly income.   It may seem like a good

idea for new students that don’t have enough funds to pay for college necessities right away, but credit

cards become abused and leads to...

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