Divorce In Bob Green's 'Cut'

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Scott Moser Prof. Hendricks ENGL 111 Week #1, Essay #1 October 24, 2007 Divorce After reading Bob Green’s “Cut”, I realized that people have more in common than they initially think they do. Numerous people experience things that they are afraid to admit or simply do not understand. At some point in our lives, we must all face life-changing events. According to Wikipedia, divorce is defined as “the ending of a marriage before the death of either spouse.” For parents and their children, divorce can have a traumatic outcome on how they live their lives. One out of every two marriages today ends in divorce and many of those divorcing families involve children. Divorce involves the possibility of separation of family members, loss…show more content…
Not only would I be leaving me brother and my father behind, I would be leaving all of my friends behind too. I was depressed at first, but once I was settled into my new school and made friends it was a little easier. As my mom promised me before moving to North Carolina, we would travel back and visit at least once a month. During these visits every month, I always had a list of things to catch my father up on. I would tell him what was going on in school, how good I was doing in sports, or how bad of a play I made. He would always sit there and listen to everything I had to say. Telling my dad these stories meant the world to him; he would always tell me “I wish I could have been there for that”. After two and a half years in North Carolina, my mother decided to take an early retirement and move back to South Carolina. So now, we are back in the same town as my father and brother, as my parents promised the day they told us they were getting a divorce. Over the years, it was not easy to cope with my parents divorce, but it made me a stronger individual. Now that I am married and have children of my own, I reflect back to my childhood. I do not want to put my children through the trauma of going through a divorce. Going through a divorce as a child, I know what it was like being separated from the rest of your family. It makes you appreciate what you have and work that much harder in your

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