Dialogue Between Wilmot And Hocker

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Conflict Resolution Final Paper Wayne State University SW6991 A conflict can be defined as “an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent parties who perceive incompatible goals, scarce resources, and interference from others in achieving their goals” (Wilmot &Hocker, 2011). An example of a conflict provided by Wilmot &Hocker (2011) follows: Randy and Jennifer have been married for six years. They have moved back to the city where they met and went to college so Randy could finish his degree in resource management. They now have two children, ages 4 and 2. Jennifer has a job she loves at the university, in her former social work department, where she organizes internships for undergrad students. She feels fortunate to have…show more content…
Nature of the Conflict This conflict is over where this family is going to live. When Randy told Jennifer that he would like the entire family to move to Denver the conflict was triggered into mutual awareness. The following is a dialogue between Randy and Jennifer, taken from Wilmot &Hocker (2011), as they express their distress with one another: Randy: Jen, I miss you and the kids, and I hate being a weekend dad. It only makes sense for us all to move to Denver. I’m making enough money now that you can go back to school after a year or so. I think we should put the house on the market. Jennifer: I won’t even consider it. I have a wonderful job, the kids have their friends. I know I said I’d consider moving, but I can’t bear the idea of leaving this place we love. So, my answer is…show more content…
Their gender roles may play a significant role in this conflict. Jennifer is a female filling the roles of mother and wife. As a mother, Jennifer’s children are one of her top priorities and she may worry about uprooting them with a sudden move. As a wife, Jennifer may feel that her husband is giving little value to her employment, which is very important to her. Randy is a male filling the roles of both father and husband. As a father, Randy wants to be there for his children. As he indicated, he does not want to be a weekend father; he wants to be a full time dad. As a husband, Randy wants to provide for his family in the most efficient way possible. To him, wasting money on two residences for their family of four does not make much sense, especially when he wants his family there with him. It is likely that he also wants to be able to spend more time with his wife as he revealed his fear that their relationship may deteriorate if they continue with their current

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