Personal Essay: Why I Decided To Go Back To College

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All about Me Jennifer Webb COLL 100 I026 Fall 11 American Public University Eleanor Hewitt My name is Jennifer Webb and I am going to write an essay about why I decided to go back to school. I got tired trying to found a decent job, I wanted my daughters to follow in myself steps and go to college. I learned that most jobs are looking for some kind of college degree. I have been out of school for awhile and so I was a little nervous but after getting started I feel more comfortable with going to school. I want my daughters to always know that you can never get to old to learn new things. I also want them to know that it is very important to have an education and it is even better to have some type of college degree. After, doing this week assignments I found out that I am…show more content…
It also showed that my results were 76% for oriented behavior. I also score high in my career ladder with 87%. I agree with this because I am focusing on reaching my goals in life. My work independence was 87%. I agree with because I mostly like to work by myself and I also stay by myself to keep from getting into trouble. I have always been a person who likes to stay by myself. I am trying my hardest to better communicate with other people and to hang out with friends and family. My time management was one of my highest score. I scored 91% on this because I like to manage my time so that I will not overload myself with different things to do. Now that I am going to school I try to keep up with doing my entire task within a timely manner so that I will not get stress out. Even though I like to be by myself I do not have a problem with helping others. I guess this is why I scored 100% on this

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