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Life Style Inventory Paper LSI Chart Personal Thinking style: If I compare my scores in between three constructive styles, I scored highest in Self Actualizing as compared Achievement and lowest in Humanistic Encouraging. I totally agree and can easily relate to it since I have worked as a motivational speaker for a training company. Our main goal was to arrange interactive seminars and talk about how one can change them related to topics like positivity, creativity, stress management etc. I was good at it since I have changed myself from a different person to another kind person very successfully and it’s my firm believe that one can change themselves for both better and worse. I have always had various interests in different things. And this work was rewarding in a way that at the end of the day it brought me inner satisfaction of steering peoples beliefs into something better, hence the reward made me excel in it. I do (in my personal life and work) use my resources very well and don’t let negative situations get me. The reason I didn’t score well in Humanistic Encouraging section is maybe because I learned how to talk about leadership and what leadership but I didn’t pay much attention to people who were actually around me or maybe to myself first. I can recall situations where I was friendly and was being able to sustain a healthy relationship with friends and coordinates; I wasn’t able to support them fully. I do always value feedback, but always the positive one. I think what limits me is that I need to learn negative feedback as well. That may help me improve much more. What limits my score is also, I have always felt uncomfortable sharing my feelings with others. Talking less and listening more to other people may help too, as I have been told many times that I am ‘Full of myself’. Impact on Management Style: While managing a team, my

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