Life Style Inventory Essay

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Upon taking the lifestyles inventory as required for MGMT 591, I have learned that my primary thinking styles were tied at conventional and dependent and my back up thinking style is avoidance. I would like to start an analysis of these findings by first defining these thinking styles. My primary and backup thinking styles all fall under the passive/defensive heading on the scale. A conventional thinking style is characterized by relying on rules for comfort and security, low initiative and unrelenting obedience. Having scored in the 97th percentile, I definitely agree that this is characteristic of my personal thinking style. I have always been someone, even in grade school, who felt that authority figures must be obeyed and that rules must be followed. At my current place of employment, I value and respect the opinion of my superiors. Therefore, if they say something should be done a certain way, I oblige. However, I am also a person who likes directions and rules to make logical sense. If I am skeptical or unsure as to its logic, I will question and present alternate ideas which is uncharacteristic of a conventional thinking style. The dependent thinking style, for which I also scored in the 97th percentile, is characterized by indecisiveness, feelings of helplessness, preoccupation with pleasing people and passivity. I agree that I am a dependent thinker. I often look to other people’s opinions when trying to make decisions and I often feel that things that happen in my life are beyond my control which leads to feelings of helplessness. For example, when I am passed over for a promotion, I will justify it by attributing it to the persons connections or clout instead of taking an introspective look at the situation and determining what I could have done better. My backup thinking style, for which I scored in the 92nd percentile, is avoidance.
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