Sociopath To Me

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Before I read this book, I think the “sociopath” only means the very few people who are aggressive to hurt or even kill others, such as terrorists and murderers. I have to admit that Ms. Stout totally terminated my simple and imaginary mind about “sociopath”, for I become recognize that maybe sociopaths are just incubating around me, and the most terrible point is that I could also be a member between them! In October 13,2011,a little girl who played on the street was hit by two cars. When the little girl lay on the street for 7 minutes, 18 persons passed her in this street but no one stopped to help the poor girl. When the little girl was sent to hospital, her situation was too serious to reverse and she died after a week. In this case, the…show more content…
However, people in contemporary society have to take more pressure than before because they are “labeled” by secular trend in so many aspects. For example, people usually rely on their academic degree to show they are smart ones and they also compare positions to judge whether a man successful or not. In other words, the evaluation standard becomes more and more straight forward, if a person could always win in his career, nearly everyone will think that he is a success man and give the heaping praise to him. Unfortunately, not all of the winners get their praise through valid way, but people always choose to ignore these dark sides, for they give tacit consent to a concept that the winners’ glory could eclipse their flaw. Yes, comparing with the villains, unscrupulous persons could be easier to get others’ tolerance. Just as Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None ", the perpetrator who drove a car and hit two children died firstly because the murderer think he was a person without moral. However, many unscrupulous people will not hurt others in physical, and they are good at hiding their real face under a smile mask. Maybe we don’t like the people who are dishonest or selfish, but we probably don’t label them as evil. One reason is that we always think that these things are not worthy to judge, another reason is that we usually do the same thing as them and we don’t like to face the dark side of ourselves. However, when we experience a lot of unfair treatment or pressure, we may become to be depressive and like to complaint or even curse, which is the hotbed for extremity and evil. From now on, the gate of unscrupulous is opening, and our happiness index is sharp declining and is hard to get a favorable
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