Jack The Ripper's Murders

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Jack the Ripper Jack the ripper who’s Murders occurred in Whitechapel, the east end of London in 1888. Jack only ever killed 5 victims, all being prostitutes, In the Area in which the killings occurred in was known for its vice and villainy, known as a breeding ground for social unrest, squalor and disease. And was never caught and put to justice for his crimes. - His wife had cheated on him and practically turned into a prostitute, this is what turned jack to go out and brutally strike out at prostitute to get a kick inside knowing that they had suffered just as he did. He longed for peace of mind but believed that will not come until he had sought his revenge on these women and their master. He had convinced himself that his lying lover…show more content…
And after every murder he would just think back about how the gentle man with gentle thoughts and struck. This feeling made him feel good, it gave him great strength in his own mind. As he would laugh at the authorities trying to hunt the offender down. But of course like all cases they must come to a close, the offender gets caught and just is served but no in jack the rippers case, he was never caught. Because Unlike today, with DNA evidence, and other forensic tools, made famous by current TV shows, there was little to go on except the 'gut instinct' of the police, testimony of witnesses, etc. Since there were no witnesses to the grisly crimes and since many if not all of the victims were prostitutes, there was less to go on. Until it became sensational, I guess it was being covered in the newspapers, nobody would have cared if 'ladies of the evening' were killed, and some may have even thought they 'deserved…show more content…
• Did they act alone or get help from someone else ? There is no evidence that Jack The Ripper had an accomplice. • Did they feel any regret afterwards? He had no regret to what he had done as he believed he had done thr right thing for the community. • What were they feeling/thinking while they were killing him/her? • What did they possibly think would happen afterwards? • Do they want to be forgiven? • Were they afraid to be caught? • Was a mental illness involved? • Was there any patterns ? There are several consistent patterns to be found among the Ripper’s victims. Most of them were between the ages of 39 and 47. They were locally resident in the East End, and most, if not all of them engaged in prostitution. Many of them were habitual drunks. They were all estranged from their husbands and families. There are patterns as well in the dates and times of the murders. Every murder was committed on either a weekend or a holiday – a strong indication that the killer held regular employment. The murders were committed between midnight and 6am, all in the general area surrounding

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